Yoga Therapy for all of you

Unique one-on-one therapy for your body, mind, nervous system and emotional wellbeing
Do not permit things to crowd in on your mind. Take an idea or a little prayer or a poem
– anything of spiritual significance – and wrap it around you.
This practice will bring wholeness and healing. ~ PARAMANANDA

About Yoga Therapy

There are times in our life when creating a connection with yourself is of vital and therapeutic importance as a way to being well. Yoga Therapy is a process where an authentic ‘sense of self’ connection creates a pathway to healing and wholeness, offering a fabric* to help those who genuinely want to help themselves. We each wrap ourselves in different fabrics, but when we discover one which supports our comfort and contentment – one we can easefully ‘cosy up to’, we may begin to truly nurture and nourish ourselves and experience wholeness.

*fabric: structure, framework, frame, form, make-up, constitution, composition, foundation, mechanism, anatomy, essence

At its essence, Yoga Therapy is a mindful Yoga experience – it’s an effective way in which you can “learn about yourself and come to experience yourself as whole, regardless of your physical condition or level of fitness” (Jon Kabat-Zinn). Yoga Therapy tailors and modifies Yoga practices to create a ‘sense of self’ personal practice – a connected practice infused with mindful inquiry and attentive breathwork to address presenting conditions in a consistent way.

There are many different reasons people come to Yoga Therapy – for some it is a means to understand and heal physically, emotionally, or calm nervous tension… for others it a way to reclaim themselves, their ‘sense of self’ – particularly when there have been long-running health conditions or difficult personal experiences.

Initial Yoga Therapy Commitment at One Yoga
Yoga Therapy is a progressive process, therefore more than a single session is required to consolidate and integrate your Yoga Therapy. The Initial Yoga Therapy Commitment at One Yoga is comprised of three sessions.

Session 1 of 3: The first session is for you to meet your Yoga Therapist and co-operatively establish your Yoga Therapy facilitation. This initial session is divided into three sections: Inquiry, Possibility and Practice.

Inquiry: Using a custom designed Yoga Therapy form, together we review your presenting conditions from a unique perspective. The information gathered is structured around the ancient Panca Maya-Kosha map found in the Taittiriya Upanishad. Although this sounds fancy, it is a practical yet genuine inquiry into your whole being, your physiology and your experience.

Possibility: In this part of the session we explore your movement and which yoga practices may be therapeutic for you and your presenting conditions.

Practice: Together with you, a brief and realistic Yoga Therapy Home Practice is created and you are guided through it. This may be given to you in writing, as diagrams, photos, or as sound recordings on your smartphone.

The Home Practice is not only a practice to action at home – it is a practice you can ‘come home to’, to connect with yourself, your ‘sense of self’, however you are, wherever you are.

Session 2 of 3: We review the Yoga Therapy Home Practice and talk about what might be suitable to add or change in regards to your Home Practice. Generally over time, the Home Practice is refined and expanded, at a pace and in ways to suit you.

Session 3 of 3: The Yoga Therapy Home Practice is reviewed, and may be modified. We discuss sealing and integrating your Home Practice, and more ways your Yoga Therapy may best support you and be progressed by you.

After the Initial Yoga Therapy Commitment at One Yoga you have the option to continue with Ongoing Yoga Therapy Sessions or explore other Yoga offerings. These will be discussed with you.

Yoga Therapy Practices

Not all Yoga practices are physical Asana (body-based poses) or Vinyasa (body movements). During your Yoga Therapy we may together explore other Yoga offerings:

Sankalpa (personal intentions)
Prana, Pranamaya and the Panca Vayus (life force, breathing techniques and vital energy flows)
Mudras (hand positions)
Mantra (chants)
Drishti, Dharana and Dhyana (focus, concentration, contemplation and meditation)
Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) and Restorative Yoga (restful Yoga practices)
Svadhyaya (self-study and reflection)

We may also chat about different Yoga concepts which might support you (perhaps from Ayurveda, Yoga Physiology and/or Philosophy).

Cost of Sessions

Initial Yoga Therapy Commitment
Three sessions at the One Yoga Studio in Enfield NSW
Session 1: 1-1.5hrs
Session 2: (approximately one week after Session 1) 45 mins
Session 3: (approximately two weeks after Session 2) 45 mins
Price for all three sessions: $275

Note: Some clients may be eligible for 2 free Yoga for Women group classes, subject to availability. This option will be discussed if appropriate.

Ongoing Yoga Therapy Sessions
Usually 3-6 weeks following Session 3 (as per above)
45 mins session: $75
70 mins session: $100




Payment options
At present credit card payment is not available. Payment is by cash or bank transfer (details will be provided upon request).

Sessions at your location
These may incur additional charges.
Please call Nadine on 0413 914 555 to discuss.

Financial hardship
Please advise if you are experiencing financial hardship. Yoga Therapy is open to everyone and we can work out something suitable.

Claiming with your Health Insurance Fund
You may or may not be eligible to claim Yoga Therapy with your Health Insurance Fund. Please give them a call to discuss. Some Health Insurance Funds may require a “Wellbeing Plan” or form to be completed by your GP (local doctor).

Additional Information

Serious medical conditions: There are many therapeutic Yoga practices which involve no movement or limited movement, and others which can be modified to suit your presenting conditions. If you have serious medical conditions, you may wish to discuss with your doctor whether Yoga Therapy is suitable for you. If this is your situation, please bring a letter from your GP or specialist to advise that Yoga Therapy has been discussed and is deemed suitable.

What to bring: Simply yourself and wear comfortable clothing you can move in. You may also bring any documentation which might inform your Yoga Therapy, including a list of medications or supplements you take regularly. All Yoga equipment is provided.

Credentials: Nadine is a qualified and registered Yoga Therapist. She holds a Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy, an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching, is a Registered Yoga Teacher (YA No.1635), Registered Yoga Therapist (AAYT No.965) and regularly attends to her continuing professional development.

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