What our students say

Yoga is a personal experience


Nadine runs a well organised yoga studio in a relaxing setting. Her classes are fun and varied and you leave feeling quite energised. She is flexible when you need to make up missed classes too. Highly recommend her classes to women of all ages and fitness levels.

Reiku’s yoga classes are wonderful. She is always sharing her knowledge and experiences with us and she has a lovely calm nature. You feel very relaxed in her classes and she always offers us options and variations for the various yoga poses that we do. The room is set up well before the commencement of the class which is nice. You start to feel relaxed as soon as you arrive. I can highly recommend Reiku’s classes.
Student since September 2014


I have practiced yoga for over 20 years on and off with a variety of teaches and yoga styles. Nadine has beautifully developed her own ‘style’ of yoga that combines them all. I do prefer yoga class that just focuses on  women and their physical issues and have found this class rejuvenating, relaxing and inspirational as Nadine focuses on the mental-emotional and spiritual levels rather than just the postures. I have been attending Nadine’s classes now for a number of years and have found her to be calm, patient and non-judgmental. I highly recommend her classes.
Student since March 2014

Helen R

One Yoga – Yoga for Women has a wonderful community feeling of support and relaxation. The gorgeous studio in Enfield provides the space to step away from crazy day to day life and take a moment for you. Nadine has a wonderful heart and leads the classes with passion that means you leave the class feeling that little bit more zen.
Student May 2017-Nov 2019


I have been attending One Yoga – Yoga for women for over 12 years. With 5 kids, attending One Yoga is essential for my mental and physical health. The studio is lovely and peaceful, always set up when we arrive. Nadine has been my teacher 95% of the time with Reiku for the times when I have had to do make up classes.

Nadine is the most Zen person I have ever met, just walking into the studio makes me feel calm and at home. She is always helpful in every way, encouraging, cheerful, and kind, will always look after everyone in the class and make sure everyone is in the right position and doing what their body will let them. The classes are different every week, sometimes going through a different body part over the term. We are always learning something new.

I was attending Monday and Wednesday nights for a few years but two years ago my daughter started going with me one night a week. My daughter loves it and playing a lot of sport sometimes has injuries which Nadine always caters too. The different breathing techniques Nadine has taught her have helped in all her other sporting activities, after a 2 kilometre paddle she got off the water and said “Thank God for Nadine, that wasn’t too hard, I just concentrated on my breathing like in yoga”. To any women young or old I would definitely recommend One Yoga and usually do.
Student since November 2006


I have been attending One Yoga since 2014 and my main yoga teacher is Reiku. She is amazing. I find it to be very beneficial to my health as I have a lower back injury and extremely enjoyable. My flexibility and breathing have improved. I look forward to my Tuesday evening class. Reiku is supportive and helpful in developing our yoga techniques. Every lesson is different so you never get bored with repetitive routines. She challenges us when needed and cares about our wellbeing, always asking if we are okay!!
Student since February 2014

Helen B

I have been attending One Yoga classes for many years now – one with Nadine on Wednesday evenings, and one with Reiku on Saturday mornings. These classes make such a difference to my life! They give me the opportunity to focus inward, instead of focusing on all the things going on in my life.

They teach me to focus on breathing – I use my yoga breathing when I go to the dentist or have to fly somewhere (I am the world’s worst flier). I love the way that I always feel better after I have done a class – the Saturday class with Reiku is a great way to start the weekend!

I have been to many yoga classes over the last 20 years, but what I like about One Yoga is the friendly, welcoming and non-judgmental approach, the way poses are modified to suit different individuals, and teachers who are so committed to passing on their love of yoga!!
Student since July 2011


I have been coming to Nadine’s Wednesday session on and off for two years. Every time I take a break I always make a mental note not to leave it for so long. This is my little place of heaven! The environment is so calming and non-judgemental. It is my weekly salvation!!
Student since April 2014


Dearest Nadine, It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since I was in one of your classes! The time has flown, filled with change, challenges and new opportunities. I’m still searching for the right yoga teacher and style – but nothing comes close to your classes. In the meantime I practice as often as I can. I hope you’re well and your classes are thriving. I’m sure they give your students the same feeling of peace, positivity and possibility that I always felt, and that I try to keep with me.
Student 2009-2014 now living overseas

Thank you to our students

It is so lovely to receive wonderful feedback from our students and always appreciated. At One Yoga we welcome your comments, feedback and special needs. Yoga is not only a physical practice but also an open-minded approach, a framework for living.

Sometimes students come to yoga simply to enjoy an experience that is different to everyday life. The language of yoga helps us transport to another place. A place we always carry within ourselves. A place that understands our ‘wholeness’ not only as women but as beings who co-exist with many other impacts and expectations, be they environmental, domestic, social, work-related or personal.

When we take the time to ‘come back to our self’ we release tension and our nervous system thanks us. If we feel better we engage and carry out life’s duties better. Yoga invites us to witness ourselves, to form a better connection with our inner self and allows us to reset, release and move forward in a better way on a daily basis.

At One Yoga, we invite you to experience yoga and to welcome that experience into your life every day.